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Sep 2018 - Jul 2019
Desktop screenshot of Grant.io
Mobile screenshot of Grant.io

Our goal with Grant.io was to bring accessibility, accountability, and community to the open source funding ecosystem. We came from the open source Ethereum community having experienced a lot of misaligned incentives and ”tokenomics” that left a bad taste in our mouth, and felt that grant funding was a more noble way of getting money and building cool stuff.

What started as a smart contract driven platform turned into a white label service. We worked with organizations like the Zcash Foundation and Tlon (urbit) to build a product that allowed them to organize projects that needed funding, and match funders and builders together.

While our work still stands today, the idea of being a consultancy rather than a product company didn’t match with our original vision, and we disbanded in 2020.

Technologies used

  • TypeScript w/ React.js
  • Python w/ Flask and SQLAlchemy