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Senior Software Engineer
Aug 2013 - Deb 2017
Desktop screenshot of OkCupid
Mobile screenshot of OkCupid

OkCupid was all about making the ineffible f’able. I worked on bringing one of the earliest dating sites up to speed with modern designs and performant and fun user experiences.

When I first joined, the site was a mix of jQuery and YUI. The frontend was delivered with a custom templating language called Pub, part of the home grown OKWS, a C++ backend that was made in a time before all of the amazing open source web servers and frameworks we have today.

I was instrumental in guiding the team through the changing frontend landscape, adopting standard technology like Webpack and Babel, React.js, and SCSS. While I primarily focused on the desktop website, I built many experiences in our previously web-based mobile app to ship performant and identically function experiences to iOS and Android users.

Experimentation was core to our product team. I conducted many A/B tests, set up analytics tooling for determining experiment performance, and finally wrapped my head around what a P actually means. Bayes for life.

Technologies used

  • JavaScript w/ React.js
  • C++ w/ OKWS (Custom web server and templating language)
  • MySQL